Zining Zhu (朱子宁)

University of Toronto
Email: zining@cs.toronto.edu

I am researching towards understanding the nature of knowledge and intelligence by building AI systems. I am specifically interested in two aspects:
(1) Incorporating human intelligence into AI systems, and
(2) Exploring how artificial intelligence can benefit the society in an explainable and trustworthy manner.
Here is my Google Scholar page and resume.



  • University of Toronto 2019-2024 (Expected)
    Ph.D student in Computer Science
    Supervisor: Frank Rudzicz

  • University of Toronto 2014-2019
    Bachelor in Engineering Science, Robotics option.

Work / Research

  • Tencent Jarvis Lab, Machine Learning Engineering Intern, May 2019 - Aug 2019
  • Winterlight Labs, Research Software Engineer, Sep 2017 - Sep 2018
  • TripAdvisor, Software Engineering Intern, June - Aug, 2017
  • UTIAS, Research Assistant, May - Sep, 2016


University of Toronto, Teaching Assistant:

  • CSC324 2019F Introduction to machine intelligence
  • CSC180 2016F Introduction to computer science



Natural languages understanding by a compositional alignment of word embeddings
Supervisor: Frank Rudzicz
EngSci Undergraduate thesis pdf
Detecting cognitive impairments by agreeing on interpretations of linguistic features
Zining Zhu, Jekaterina Novikova, Frank Rudzicz.
NAACL 2019 arXiv


Semi-supervised classification by reaching consensus among modalities
Zining Zhu, Jekaterina Novikova, Frank Rudzicz.
NeurIPS 2018 IRASL Workshop arXiv
Deconfounding age effects using fair representation learning when assessing dementia
Zining Zhu, Jekaterina Novikova, Frank Rudzicz.
arXiv TechXPlore wrote about our paper! link
Robustness against the channel effect in pathological voice detection
Yi-Te Hsu, Zining Zhu, Chi-Te Wang, Shih-Hau Fang, Frank Rudzicz, Yu Tsao.
NeurIPS 2018 ML4H Workshop arXiv


Deep neural networks for improved, impromptu trajectory tracking of quadrotors.
Qiyang Li, Jingxing Qian, Zining Zhu, Xuchan Bao, Mohamed K. Helwa, Angela P. Schoellig
ICRA 2017 arXiv

Side Projects

Conference Notes: Some notes about conferences I went to.
Distributed Key-Value Storage Server
Java + Zookeeper. ECE419 course project, Jan-April, 2019
PassageViz: Passage Extractions Visualized.
tf.idf + LDA, NLTK, K-means, D3.js. July 2017
IEEE Hardware Hackathon Site. 2017 and 2018
LAMP site allowing registration, event administration, and notification.
Various Robot Projects
ROB301 course project: Pizza delivery robot with Lego (as Software member) Sep-Dec 2016
AER201 course project: Pipe inspector robot with PIC (as Circuit member). Jan-Apr 2016.


  • Dean’s List, all full-time years, 2014-present
  • ESROP (Engineering Science Research Opportunity Program) fellowship, 2016 summer
  • CPhO (Chinese Physics Olympics) Provincial 1st Prize, 2013


  • I paddle at dragonboat teams: Iron Dragons (2018-2019 season) and Vic Scarlet Dragons (2017-2018 season).
  • I sometimes ski, indoor rock-climbing, and play basketball.
    TIDBRF 2018