Interesting Books in 2022

Here are some books I found interesting in 2022.

  1. The Master Algorithm (Domingos)
  2. 5 levels of leadership (Maxwell)
  3. Changing World Order (Dalio)
  4. The Enigma of Reason (Mercier & Sperber)

The Master Algorithm reviews four avenues of paths of developing AI systems. Nowadays, connectionists (e.g., deep neural networks) take over a majority of the benchmarks. However, Bayesian, symolism, and evolutionism all have wisdoms that can be incorporated to improving the deep neural network AI systems.

5 levels of leadership proposes a model for good leaders. Being at the position is just level 1. The team should be willing to follow you (level 2). The team should be productive and successful as a team (level 3). You should develop future leaders that can lead successful teams (level 4).

Changing World Order proposes a very interesting model that studies the rise and fall cycles of the dynasties in the history. After the publication of this book, Dalio wrote many articles that apply the model to understand the significant news happening in the recent months.

I read The Enigma of Reason towards the end of this year. We humans use reasoning to judge the behavior of others, to help us reach our own goals, but (most of the times) do not follow solid reasoning when making our own decisions. Only after the results are out, we use reasons to rationalize what happened.

Other interesting books:

  • The Making of a Manager
  • Pandemic Inc
  • Billion Dollar Whale